Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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jenny jenny you're so fine.. this is jenny. gornounced ginny... cool korean hippie chick. not hippy really. um. yea. i messed up on her. this as a class from like 3 weeks ago.. i mixed cools and warms in her makup and it clashed. my mistake but it came out nice nonetheless.


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this is my starion a.k.a. my aresnal of weaponry!

it's still growing man.. i need more makeup.

no matter how gay that sounded it's the truth.


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this is melissa!

from ym makeup class. we were doing evening makeup.. i kinda messed up on the eye shadow cuz i should have used a darker color for the shadow than i did. but it still came out good. i chose green cuz she was wearing a green undershirt that day.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


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like the other sketch of sarad down below.. um here i catually managed to bring emphasis to something.. her mouth shape, she always does this thing with ther mouth..

and her nose, i just like her nose. not little but it's cute. she's always got mascara on too. big lashes. and she's got her new sexy bangs in there as well.

the cool cop.

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more of that avatar idea, like the rock character below, but not. this would be the fire bender, but he woudl use a different style... northern eagles claw, and southern drunken matis!... zizzle.

hand it over!!

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i have like three paintings in my mind that i ant to work on...

this is one of them. a hand but i wanted to play with colors, bright colors mind you.

i have a facination with drawing hands, i can't explain why. i just do.


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like a zoot suiter but not. i want a vest. and a cool get up like this, but i need to get more lean to pull this type of thing off.

hmmm. freeze, robber.

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look at it for a while.. seriously. look at it.

he reminds me of the Rock. just cuz of his body type and his hair.

anyways. a cop, i wanted to do like a modern avatar type thing but like in the present world.

he would be an earth bender, strong stiff movements, almost shotokan karate type moves.

face! hyaaa!

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um.. i'm still facinated by japanese samurai masks.

i want one so bad.

i drew a weird face cuz i was in the mood for it.

sarah bo barah, fee fi fo farah..sarah!!

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um.. this is my lover sarah.

justt kiddin. not my lover, a good freind! man i love this girl. anyways.

quick caricature of her, i couldn't make up my mind on what to emphasize, so it came out weird.


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I was in such a caricaturing mood a few weeks back. i had to draww my brother. i made him bug eyed on purpose, but nwo he lookes stoned. i added the pimples, if i had used a red color for that it ould look like the rosatia he's got on his face.
the messy facial hair is there too, along ith his signature hair style.

i think i managed to get his noses shape right. this as a quick study. basically me trying to warm my hand up.


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heavy eyebrows, puffy frontal bone, weird nose ridge and bridge, (i should have made the ball of the nose bigger), the mustache, the goatee (no soul patch though). and the long hair.

mental note... i no longer have long hair, cuz i cut it for work.

i as too lazy to draw the rest.


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i can't get his nose right, but colse enough I guess.

this is tommy my best amigo, practicaly my brother. he was in a rut when i drew this. so i drew him with the tablet that i gave him, af if you look closely, there's the lil' insignia for the animaters studios logo he made up. (rossy if it came out sucky tommy).

fuck skuuul.

face thingy.

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iI look at this now, and I think to my self.
"This is what Frankenstein would look like if he was not a dead zombie thing."

long oblong face, with a very tall m shaped forehead. big lips, puffy frontal bones, and a strong flat nose that cast a shadow over his eyes making them seem deep. small ears were placed because i didnt want to bring any emphasis to the side of the head. his main facial features are the focus here.

eye battle!

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weirdo and jose... from the fantom bombers crew.. these to fellas are loosely based on both toma-lopolis and me self. eye taring contest, to the hyper extreme. i tried messing withe lines of actions to set up a particular mood. I don't know if it workied in this case, hopefully one can tell who's got the upper hand by just reading the body language.

face faces facades.

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the one on the far left was inspired by a draing by marlo meekins, (hope i got her name right) um. just studying a drawign she did to learn where she placed emphasis on the persons face for that prticular caricature. the rest (the other two) come from the top of the noggin. my noggin at least. i used a pen i think., let me check......... yep, pen.

not much of a pen study

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but still fun stuff. i used a penthat i got from school. rolls right of the wrist. um. i just like the face.. so sharp. really defined features. looks evil.. cuz he's got no pupils... get it? no pupils or students...cuz he's a teacher..j/k.. that's such a crap joke.. but i'm full of them.

weirdo attemps

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here's two sketches of weirdo using a diff style, or hair.. just screwing around. i dont like them but at least we'll be able to see where to take the concept... had and there's an unfinished alex inthere.

a quick self sketch..

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

man.. it's over.

Halloween Horror Nights is now over, so that means no more having to deal with "Cholos". That also means no more jobs...

Just kidding, cuz iI have an intervie for a job and a shuttle car driver this friday. Working part-time, getting Paid nine dollars an hour. so yea.